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Andy lewis


Predatory Gangstalking is a criminal phenomenon referring to a group of loosely affiliated people who, in an organized and systematic manner, relentlessly invade all areas of an individual's life on a continuing basis, as part of their lifestyle. While each individual gangstalker does his or her small part, what defines Predatory Gangstalking is the collective intent to do harm."  - R.B.Ross



Stasi methods are now endemic across all Western Countries




There is an increasing amount of nefariously evil activity going on amongst the public body. It is often disguised as ordinary activity and coincidental events that involve people who have no apparent reason to purposely act in the way they do. The strangers passing in the street, the tenants in the building you live in, the people you deal with at work all day, even your friends and members of your own family, each might begin to act in ways that seem suspicious, strange, often bizarre, and which result in causing you personal frustration, anger, emotional distress, paranoia, or worse.


What I am referring to is not isolated to just a few people among the population. According to the growing number of people coming forward and telling their stories, this is a problem of epidemic proportions. People are being targeted by a highly organized but loose-knit network of individuals who are involved in something that even they do not seem to fully comprehend the significance of. People’s lives are being tampered with or completely destroyed, and although it seems that the purpose might be for any one of a number of reasons, they all boil down to an encroaching fascist system of government where every individual in the population is to eventually be controlled completely, and where every possibility of escape is impossible.



The activities that this network of individuals engage in are quite varied, but they all result in displacing the freedoms and choices that a person would normally expect to have in our society.











Some people who report being the targets of these activities claim that the lengths that the perpetrators will go to in these acts include continual abusive harassment, psychological and physical torture and sometimes even murder. These strange activities will not be isolated events in a target’s life, but will be ongoing, usually occurring regularly enough that there can be no mistake that they are not just coincidental, but very purposeful. For the person being targeted, these events will usually go on for a long time, usually for many years, and the perpetrators will often increase in their methods and persistence over time.


This odd activity is commonly referred to as ‘gang-stalking’, ‘cause-stalking’, or ‘organized stalking’, and for people who have never heard of it before, it’s somewhat hard to fathom both why and how the groups who stage these events can put so much time and planning into them, and can organize them so well for such apparently irrational purposes, and nobody involved in it ever says anything. The fact is, most or all of those people who engage in these activities have no idea of the extent of the network they are involved in, nor the real reasons why they are doing the things they are directed to do, nor who is ultimately directing them to do them and why. They are usually led into these gang-stalking groups through manipulation and deceit, using their sense of morals (or lack of them) and beliefs to influence their cooperation. Sometimes, they might even be acting without any conscious control or awareness of being involved in anything.  


It’s becoming very apparent that these groups are organized and directed by both government and corporate interests, but certainly not limited to just these. They have been known to involve church groups, boy scout/girl scout groups, senior citizens, business owners and employees, police, street gangs, drug addicts etc. They can involve members of any and all social sectors, but at the street level where I have personally experienced these events most commonly taking place, the involved parties seem to typically be lower-income earners or criminals, although the police, local business owners, and other members of the community are among those involved as well. The main motivation that I can see for people at the lower end of the social spectrum to participate is either financial reward or privileged consideration by the law, but often they might take part just for the fun and excitement of it, or because they think they are serving a good cause. Many of these people may have become caught up in these activities against their will, and may have initially been targets themselves and had their own lives ruined before being recruited to take part. The reward, no matter how small it might be, can be used as an incentive to coerce a person’s continuing involvement in these gang-stalking activities. It’s just a matter of knowing what a person’s weakness is and taking full advantage of it. However, this isn’t always necessary.


These gang-stalking groups can develop in any situation and at any level of society where people are joined together as a group with a common cause or similar beliefs, as well as among those who are not otherwise affiliated with each other in any sort of way prior to engaging in these activities. Gang-stalking groups might be formed out of political groups, businesses and business groups, church groups, or community watch groups just as easily as they might be formed by criminal gangs or any other groups of people or individuals that can be recruited into them.


When this epidemic problem first started, those who organize and direct these activities focused on recruiting from already organized groups of people who, because of the nature of their group, could be easily influenced to engage in these activities by making the activities appear as though they were serving their cause (thus the alternate term ‘cause-stalking’). But things have since progressed to the point that now people are being recruited in any manner of ways, both individually as much as from within these otherwise well-meaning groups. They can include anybody at all, from the highest levels of society to the lowest. The same goes for those who are targeted as well, and the excuses for being targeted have become just as various.


The earliest reported cases of targeting by gang-stalking groups were government and corporate whistleblowers, many of whom have suffered the effects of what are called ‘directed-energy weapons’ and mind-control technologies. But these cases are unique to their situation because they have been centered around the activities of those who possess these weapons and technologies (which is what they were often exposing as whistleblowers), and so the weapons and technologies have been available to use on them. These weapons and technologies are not being used on all gang-stalking targets, and they are not in the hands of just anyone, but remain predominantly within military and intelligence circles. By far, the majority of gang-stalking activities are carried out by ordinary people through ordinary means and without high-tech gadgetry beyond what is commonly available to the public. Gang-stalking groups can be organized and directed in their operations to inflict misery on people without the need to employ such advanced technologies. However, their application in this area is not out of the question, and they may be being integrated into these operations.


One of the purposes for setting up gang-stalking groups is to simply have them monitor and report on certain individuals within the community, and to see that they don’t do anything that the controllers of these groups do not want them to do. This monitoring often involves monitoring the gang-stalking group members as much as the targets, although the targets are usually of interest for other reasons as well. They are often targeted because they are vocal about government or corporate corruption, are not submissive to giving up their freedoms under the perceived threat of terrorism, or are otherwise seen as a potential threat to the controllers and the implementation of their fascist plans for our future. Any plausible excuse that will cause a certain group of people to perceive someone as a threat seems to be enough to influence the participants to recruit the group into engaging in gang-stalking activities against that person.


The activities that are undertaken do not always appear to those engaging in them to be as damaging as they actually are, because the gang-stalkers may not be aware of much more than the small parts they or their group play and will be ignorant of the activities of other gang-stalking efforts simultaneously taking place against the target. The many small efforts taken by a number of different people who are unaware of each other’s activities can quickly add up to serious problems for a target. It only takes someone who is in a position to influence each of these participants or groups separately and direct them in what to do to create the sort of damage to a person’s life that these gang-stalking activities result in.


Although these gang-stalking groups are made up of people from any and all levels of society, and these people may not seem to be engaged in anything more than low-level activities for seemingly justifiable reasons, the truth is that they are being organized and directed by the highest levels of government and corporate sectors for deeper reasons than just monitoring or punishing certain individuals. Gang-stalking is a means of policing the community by having it police itself, while at the same time developing the means for manipulating members of the community to think and act in ways that suit the needs of the controllers. Therefore, all segments of society are being brought into these activities by one means or another, in order that all social sectors are covered.


One particular type of person who is very easily influenced to take part in these gang-stalking activities, and who tends to take part regularly and completely voluntarily, is the more gullible and naïve but well-meaning ‘do-gooder’ who is more or less blind to the increasing corruption that permeates the higher rungs of society. These ‘do-gooders’ are those people who don’t dare to question authority and will easily react to threats and intimidation. Typically, if they are approached by the police and asked to assist in an investigation, they feel honored and even proud to be able to be involved in something that they think is for the good. Since they dare not question authority, they don’t ask too many questions and feel that it’s okay to do whatever they’re asked to do at the request of a police officer. The police know this and will tell them whatever might be necessary to persuade them to take part in these activities. This makes the most patriotic, law-abiding members of society who trust authority without question the easiest to initiate into these evil activities. This is worrisome, because these are the people who most value their freedoms, and they think they are fighting for them by engaging in these activities when really they are helping to destroy them.


There are also certain groups that have been very easy to recruit specifically because they trust those who recruit them and believe that what they are being told about a target is true. These were the first people to be approached and brought into this network of community spies. These include neighborhood watch groups and church groups, which are usually approached by the police and asked to assist in monitoring certain people who are portrayed as a potential threat to the community. The police have established a close relationship with these groups, and use them regularly for gang-stalking operations.


Gang-stalking events entail a number of different harassment techniques that are fairly common among these groups, but other more innovative techniques are not out of the question. Community-based gang-stalking will revolve mostly around the neighborhood where a target lives and/or their workplace, but can extend to anywhere at all that the target might go in public. Most gang-stalking events are preplanned and many of them are carried out in a manner that requires an extensive number of well-placed participants coordinating their actions in a manner that creates a negative situation for the target but which seem to anyone else like purely coincidental everyday events. These staged events, when they occur in public, are in some cases referred to as ‘street theatre’ because they occur in public at the street level, but other staged events can center around the target’s home or place of employment. The number of involved parties, the scope of their coordinated efforts, the type of staged events, and the length of time that these events continue reveals a deeply-rooted and very sophisticated enterprise that can only be orchestrated by people with certain means that ordinary citizens just don’t have. This indicates the higher sector of society that those who orchestrate these events come from.


The evidence shows that this network is ultimately directed and controlled by people who have tremendous power and resources at their disposal, but who purposely remain hidden, and who are able to keep these activities separated far enough from themselves and disguising them well enough to not raise public awareness about what is going on so that something might be done to stop it before it is too late. It may already be too late.


Although I focus mainly on the police when I talk about the handlers or controllers of these gang-stalking groups, they are not the only people that are involved in recruiting or managing the members of these groups, and they are not always consciously aware of what they are actually involved in any more than anyone else might be that takes part in these activities. These gang-stalking groups and their activities are directed and handled through a chain of command, and the police are often just following orders and normal police procedures that they have been trained to do. However, there are many within the police forces (and elsewhere) who are corrupt and whose ideologies are completely in line with those who ultimately control and direct the activities of these gang-stalking groups. Following orders without question and engaging in underhanded covert tactics to ‘fight crime’ are standard requisites to being a police officer. Those who sit at the top of the chain of command-and-control know exactly which people working under them are best suited for what might need to be done to facilitate these groups and their activities for the desired ends, and so they will see that those best suited are used where they are needed when they are needed and to the degree that they are needed.


This needs to be kept in mind when you consider how these gang-stalking efforts can be accomplished without exposure of what is going on. It should also be understood that compartmentalization of knowledge is routine procedure within all sectors of the government, which is a very effective method of keeping secrets secret. This same method is also used in the business sector, in particular with those corporate entities that tend to work very closely with the government or who handle sensitive information.


The sorts of activities that might be used against a target include slashed tires, broken windows, break-ins, tampering with property, poisoning pets, random assaults, thefts, spreading of false rumors, persistent noises and disturbances, bugging of residence, excessive police harassment, unexplained loss of employment, over-charging on phone and electrical bills, delayed or missing mail, blatant tailing, excessive staring by strangers, excessive rudeness by strangers, odd comments by strangers regarding things they should not know the list goes on, and the activities can be much worse and much stranger. For example, it is very common for a target’s home to be broken into regularly, where only minor signs are left behind that a break-in occurred, but which are significant enough to be noticed yet not significant enough to warrant calling the police. Nothing will usually be taken, but the target may find things moved around, or they might detect the smell of cigarette smoke, or lights that were turned off will have been turned on. As you can imagine, these sorts of things, if they happen with enough frequency, can lead from confusion to a state of anxiety to full-blown paranoia very quickly. A person who experiences such activity can be made to appear delusional very easily.


Notification lists were initially used by the police to keep tabs on dangerous offenders such as pedophiles and violent criminals, and to warn people in the community about their presence. In the United Kingdom this list is called the Violent Persons Registry. These lists have since been expanded in scope so that now someone can be put on one even if they are perceived as being potentially dangerous, and it is no longer just the police who can put someone on the list. This expansion of these lists centers around certain health and safety laws, which require employers and employees to report people for showing signs of threatening or violent behavior, or whatever might be deemed inappropriate behavior. A threatening look, raised voice, or politically incorrect comment can be enough to get a person listed. There is little or no oversight provided to assure that those who go on these lists and the situation that got them put on it have been properly assessed, which leaves plenty of room for corruption and abuse of the lists. A person who is placed on one of these lists is usually never informed of the fact, and therefore has no chance of defense. When a person goes on a list, anyone in that person’s community who might come into contact with the person is notified. This can include family and friends, neighbors, co-workers, schools, local businesses, etc. These notifications will follow a person wherever they go, should they decide to move or travel. Even if/when a person is removed from the list, those who have received notifications about them will continue to perceive them as a threat. These lists are used by gang-stalkers as target lists. The lists provide a sense of justification for their activities, and with a little bit of direction, they can cause devastation to a targeted person’s life. When someone gets listed as emotionally unstable or mentally ill, it essentially gives others free reign to torment the person, and any reaction from the person is seen to justify the label that has been put on them. These lists turn the entire community against the person, and yet nothing is ever said openly. In some cases, this silence is due to non-disclosure agreements having been signed by those receiving the notifications. These non-disclosure agreements are supposed to safeguard sensitive information, but the question is, protect it from what? The only thing that they assure is that the targeted person never knows that they are on the list and this is why people are treating them differently. Non-disclosure agreements are not always necessary to assure people’s silence, however, and merely reminding someone that disclosure can result in criminal charges being laid is enough to keep most people silent, even if they want to speak up. Notification lists have become a means for turning communities into spy networks. Whether those in the community who receive these notifications belong to gang-stalking groups or not, they essentially become the eyes and ears and communications links in a network of surveillance and control. And since the police and government manage the distribution of these lists, those who are given notifications are essentially being given permission to do what they want to the person. People can get listed for being ‘troublemakers’, ‘deviants’, ‘disloyal dissidents’, ‘mentally unstable’, etc., and these labels can be applied broadly enough to distort the facts so that the character of a person is destroyed.


Certain organizations have also been erected for the purpose of recruiting people into community spying networks and to direct their activities. One such organization, called InfraGard, has been set up by the FBI with chapters in every state as well as in other countries. It is set up as a government-funded private corporation, so that the information it has on an individual is not publicly available through the Freedom of Information Act. It needs to be remembered that the FBI were responsible for COINTELPRO in the 1960s and 1970s, which was a similar program that had destructive results for many innocent people who were unfairly targeted as ‘subversives’. COINTELPRO went beyond just blacklisting, and involved harassment, sabotage, mail tampering, break-ins, wire-taps, and blackmail, which are all activities being carried on today by gang-stalking groups against their targets. These organizations are very high-tech, capable of providing logistics and training to members, and essentially giving them carte-blanc license to target listed people at the behest of the government. These government sanctioned organizations even provide GPS tracking systems for their members to locate their targets. The target will be surreptitiously planted with a tracking device, either on their person or their vehicle, and can thereafter be pinpointed. It is quite possible that these organizations also provide electronic surveillance equipment to their members.


Many staged events might involve only a few people, but may include added levels of sophistication, such as the use of electronic gadgetry for spying on, harassing, and even torturing a target. With the boom in technological innovations that have been made in the last few decades, and the diversity of methods of behavior modification and mind-control that have been and are being explored by certain factions both within and outside of government (particularly the military and intelligence communities), including the development of directed-energy weapons (but not limited to them), the thought that such innovations are being widely tested and used on an unsuspecting public is not at all farfetched. Documents that have been made available through the Freedom of Information Act reveal the reality and extent of these technologies, as well as the fact that they are routinely tested on unsuspecting people.


Gang-stalking groups are formulated around the same concepts and by the same mentalities as the KGB, Stasi, Gestapo, and similar fascist policing groups originated from, and these are exactly the same sources that current mind-control methods and technologies stem from. In fact, there is a direct connection between these older fascist policing groups and gang-stalking groups. They perform the same basic functions, but now they are operating within democratic countries. This connection becomes clearer when you begin to look at the darker history of America and the involvement of the major players in politics and industry in the last century.

In a typical gang-stalking situation, the target will not usually be aware of their assailants right away, and will at first think that the events and activities that begin to take place are just coincidental. But over the days or weeks, they will begin to suspect that something unusual is going on. A target of gang-stalking may first become aware that someone seems to be entering their residence whenever they go out, and they might also begin to suspect that they are being constantly watched by their neighbors, by people on the street, and perhaps even with hidden cameras and microphones in their residence. Further, the targeted person may experience many seemingly coincidental but otherwise odd little events in their day-to-day life that eventually leads them to consider that these events are all contrived and that they involve certain people who work or live around them. They may then begin to wonder if they are being targeted for some particular reason. Whether or not there is any possible reason for being targeted, over time they will find that these events are indeed purposeful, and this will succeed in drawing their attention to the fact that something sinister is definitely afoot. The purpose of these events at this early point is to initiate paranoia and anxiety in the target.


A person who suspects that they’re a target of gang-stalking, if they have their wits about them and can remain level-headed, might purposely not show signs of their awareness of these odd events when they arise, or respond to them in any predictable manner, but simply keep alert for any further clues, testing them as well so as not to become delusional about the events going on. In this way, the target may find after a while that whenever the target does certain things in their home, there are definite predictable responses from the neighbors, such as doors constantly slamming, hoots, thumping on walls, car horns blaring, or any other sudden rise in overall noise levels in the building or outside on the street. When the target does make it apparent through their reaction that they know something odd is going on, but doesn’t react as the perpetrators might hope or expect (such as to become frustrated), the pattern of activities surrounding these events often changes because the previous pattern of actions didn’t cause the expected reaction in the target. Over time, a composed target can begin to assess the reality of the situation, deduce the methods being used by their antagonists to target them, and take steps to maintain some control over the situation and perhaps begin to fight back.


By dealing with gang-stalking events in the above manner, the target can effectively demonstrate their own control over the other parties in these events. This will not only confirm the target’s own sanity and understanding of the situation, but will also offer some comfort to know that they have a certain amount of power over the gang-stalking group that is targeting them.


If a targeted person should ever confirm the identities of any of their gang-stalkers, which they often will, they can begin to take counter-action against them. It must be realized that these gang-stalkers are either doing this willingly and therefore don’t deserve much mercy, or they’re being influenced against their will, perhaps through mind-control technologies, and require a certain amount of understanding for being helpless victims themselves. The difference might be easily determinable by their general character – mean and bitter people will tend to be recruited as witting players, while otherwise good-natured people may be potential victims of mind-control technologies or are otherwise controlled by other means, such as blackmail.


The people who are financing and directing many of the gang-stalking groups, the controllers, whoever they might be, depend on remaining out of the picture completely, removing all possible culpability in the crimes and activities being perpetrated. As long as these gang-stalking activities and any mind-control technologies that might be used in them are kept in the shadows, there’s no reason for anyone but the target to suspect that these activities are other than random occurrences, and any mention of the mind-control aspect will just make it all sound too ridiculous for anyone else to believe. If these technologies are at the stage that the available literature indicates is now possible, anyone who is targeted by advanced mind-control technologies might very well be totally unaware of the fact themselves, and would even deny it.


Not all gang-stalking involves mind-control of the electronic variety, however. Mind-control is as old as the desire to dominate others, and such control has for a long time been affected through both subtle influencing and strong coercion, either psychologically or physically. Certain types of mind-control are so deeply ingrained into society already that we don’t even consider them as any sort of control at all. The most obvious form of this is the media, which has been used to mold our opinions and beliefs ever since Gutenberg invented the first printing press.


The oldest and simplest method of mind-control is the use of direct threats to a target, whether physical or otherwise. This type of mind-control lies behind the power of our governments and their justice systems, which use threats of punishment and incarceration to control the masses.


Another simple method of mind-control, used most effectively by those who have first gained a certain level of authoritative trust from those they want to manipulate into acting against a target or targets, is to blatantly lie or mislead. For instance, a police officer might suggest to someone that a certain neighbor of theirs is a criminal element that they are investigating. This will undoubtedly cause the person to feel concerned enough from what they are told that they will likely be willing to cooperate in whatever way that the police might then ask or suggest – all in the name of freedom and democracy, of course, so that we can feel safe and secure in our homes and within the community.


The use of threats and aggressive coercion are ideal for creating gang-stalking members among those who have been caught up in some sort of legal matter, whether criminal or otherwise. A corporate employee whose job is on the line, a drug addict who is always looking for the next fix, or an arrested person facing possible incarceration, are all desperate people, and can be recruited as gang-stalkers very easily and with little fear of exposure. Police use such tactics at every opportunity, and in the last few decades have recruited virtual armies of reliable snitches or ‘police agents’ to do their bidding. The actual number of people who routinely spy for the police is uncertain, but fifty percent of the population is not at all unrealistic.


The relationships between the controlled gang-stalkers and their handlers or controllers will usually extend for years or decades, using the person’s ongoing career, drug addiction, criminal involvement, or general fears and insecurities as a coercive tool of control. Where such things as the loss of employment, an addiction, or the threat of facing a lengthy jail sentence cannot be used to coerce a person into involvement in gang-stalking activities, other methods involving blackmail can be used instead, provided the person can be caught in a compromising position.


The police, as well as any corporations or private parties with money to spend, have access to a wealth of surveillance technology, and they may even provide it to gang-stalking groups under their control, in order to achieve their ends. Not only that, but the police will look the other way if one or more of their gang-stalkers must commit a crime in order to assist them (This is now entirely legal for the police to do in Canada and the US). In this way, remote cameras and microphones are regularly planted in a target’s home to learn their routines and habits, and to discover any other pieces of information that could be used to disrupt the person’s life and antagonize him or her, or for any other reason that might be in the interests of the controllers.


When participants of gang-stalking groups are briefed on a target, if the police are handling them they will often have a police file with them, which is simply a prop to manipulate a gang-stalking participant or group into action. This file is usually just any old file they might have handy, with a few faked documents bearing the target’s name added in, and if possible a mug shot of the target clipped to the inside of the folder. Using the faked documents in the file, the police will present the target in highly exaggerated or completely fraudulent terms. The more suspicion or hatred they can instill in the gang-stalkers towards a target, the more willing the gang-stalkers will be to undertake whatever tasks might be asked of them. It’s quite possible, for instance, for a target to be characterized as a suspect under investigation regarding sexual assaults against small children. This will fire up anybody’s emotions, and this is the sort of weakness in people that the police will take advantage of. It should be noted that the police will not usually make any claims that might later be revealed to be false, so telling a gang-stalking member that a target is a suspected child molester, rather than a known one, is safe from ever being found out to be a lie. Being a suspect means that you’re involved in an ongoing investigation, but whether or not this is true can’t be verified as long as an investigation is ongoing. Being told that the target is a suspect in an investigation assures that the parties who are told this won’t divulge what they’ve been told, for fear of being charged themselves for interfering in a criminal investigation. This police tactic assures utmost secrecy. If it is later found out that the target was never involved in anything they were purported to be involved in makes their being painted as a suspect seem like nothing more than normal police procedure.


Part of the psychology behind a person’s willingness to take part in gang-stalking is the apparent emptiness or meaninglessness of their lives. Drug addicts and homeless people are normally easy to induct into gang-stalking operations, but a lonely and vulnerable senior citizen is even easier. Taking advantage of a few of their real or imaginary fears can quickly win these people over and encourage them into taking part in activities they don’t know the real purpose of, but believe to be their duty in fighting ‘crime’ and achieving something desirable for society. What they take part in, however, is a violation to another person’s privacy, freedoms, peace of mind, and well-being. Further, it’s destructive to society as a whole by allowing these fascist activities to spread more and more under the false guise of patriotism or social responsibility.


The technology being used for audio and video surveillance of targets in their homes and elsewhere is not just the commonly available miniaturized remote cameras and wireless microphones, or even the flexible fiber-optic cameras that can look under doors and around walls. The technology being used on a regular basis by police forces, the military, and intelligence agencies is beyond what most people realize. Electronic through-the-wall surveillance, similar to that used at airport security points, can look through solid objects such as clothing, suitcases, and even wood and concrete walls. Such barriers can be rendered invisible to the device by tuning out a barrier’s corresponding frequency so that the beam of ELF (extremely low frequency) waves is not affected by it and can pass right through.


Another type of camera uses many separate fiber-optic threads that can be as fine as human hair, and which are placed at different points around a room or other location to be monitored. Together, they build a composite three-dimensional image using specially designed software. The threads are almost completely invisible, very flexible, and don’t emit any electromagnetic radiation. They can be inserted through walls and are less noticeable than a pinhole. They can also be run along door and window frames, and even directly over many surfaces without being noticeable. Because these threads simply transmit photons that strike the exposed end, there’s no way to detect them with anti-bugging equipment, which relies on picking up the electromagnetic radiation that’s emitted from electronic components. The threads can be long enough that the electronic components of the camera can be kept safely out of range of any bug detectors. Each thread, due to its extreme thinness, may only capture a very poor image on its own, but a multitude of such threads can capture enough information to compose a good image out of their concurrent signals. The quality of the image increases with the number of threads used, so normally there will be many threads, and they can be hidden virtually anywhere. The cost of this fiber-optic thread is extremely cheap, so the loss of any number of threads and their replacement are of little significance and does not affect the continuation of monitoring.


Often, gang-stalkers will carry a cell phone, even though they have no apparent reason to own one. This will even include welfare recipients or homeless people. If you live in the downtown area of a major city, as I do, you may become familiar enough with these people in your neighborhood and their activities to see that they have no real need for a cell phone, and yet they have them. You might notice that they never seem to use them either, and will use pay phones for their personal calls even though they have a cell phone. Cell phones are so common today that most people don’t seem to notice this oddity, but for anyone who is able to observe these people on a day-to-day basis, it becomes obvious that something isn’t right. Knowing that gang-stalking groups often include these sorts of people, it becomes clear that they’re provided with a cell phone in order to both facilitate their group operations, and to keep in contact with their handlers.


Although the police are definitely involved in organizing certain gang-stalking groups, they aren’t the only one’s setting up or using these groups. As I said earlier, organizations of all kinds have been drawn into gang-stalking activities. Small businesses, large corporations, churches, schools, community organizations, social groups, and even street gangs have all become involved in this activity. In fact, it appears that this activity has become well entrenched in the social fabric, and in a way that makes it seem to anyone but the target and the perpetrators (but not necessarily even them) that nothing is going on other than coincidental events, and the target is losing their mind. Once the ball started rolling and these groups started expanding and taking their own initiative (with the help of notification lists to mark the ‘enemy’), they became autonomous entities and their activities were self-determined.







Some Insights on Stalking and Being Stalked

Computer Spying 101


If the target owns a computer, it will probably be covertly accessed on a regular basis, either by the gang-stalkers or by their handlers, in order to gain whatever information on the target that they can compile, and to keep up to date on his or her activities. Computers are virtual ‘black boxes’ as far as knowing what’s really going on inside of them and how they work, and to think that nobody can remotely access one because it’s turned off or not connected to the Internet is foolhardy. At the upper levels of society where gang-stalking activities are ultimately being organized and directed, the possibility of secretly incorporating back doors in both hardware and software design is not unlikely at all. I’ve already mentioned that the intelligence agencies have backdoors built into the more popular computer architectures, and many of the major computer manufacturers (both hardware and software) also entitle themselves to have an administrative account on any computer that is made by them or uses their products. Supposedly, this is only meant to allow them to more easily service their products, but with an administrative account they have full access to your computer, and to the millions of other computers they’ve sold or on which their products are running. It would be very easy for them (or someone else) to gather ‘intelligence’, and compile personal information taken from their customer’s computers for deciding on marketing strategies or whatever else. And the government has its own more invisible access methods as well, as we’ll see.


After September 11, 2001, certain laws were quickly passed that gave even greater foreign and domestic spying privileges to the intelligence agencies, and allowed the military to perform domestic operations on their own citizens, essentially treating the population as a potential enemy of the State. A multi-governmental computerized communications monitoring system called ECHELON, PRISM,TEMPORA, NUCLEON  are now online full time, scanning all electronic communications world-wide (phone, text messages, email, fax, and GPS transmissions) for specific key words and phrases that might be used by terrorists, or by any other criminal element, or perhaps even by individuals and groups that might be seen as a potential ‘problem’. When anything of significance is detected by the 5 Eyes Networks computers, a more refined screening is done, and closer scrutiny of all communications from the targeted party takes place. If it’s required, manual monitoring is incorporated. Although this system is purportedly being used only in the interests of national defense, in particular to seek out potential terrorists and/or terrorist threats, the very ambiguity of what defines a terrorist or terrorist threat leaves virtually anyone open to being labeled as such and therefore to being a target for spying on. If some gang-stalking groups are being controlled and directed from within the intelligence community, as they undoubtedly are, then the NSA, GCHQ and the other 5 Eyes Intel group monitoring systems are and those who control these groups, and it can be used to locate, monitor, and gather intelligence on targets, which can be useful in gang-stalking activities.


More Insights into Gang-Stalking


The targets of gang-stalkers can be totally unaware of what’s going on around them, but sooner or later, the gang-stalkers will usually make their presence known. This is part of the plan, and it’s meant to build up the target’s normal stress to a level of extreme distress, which over the long term result in feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, isolation, alienation, suspicion, and distrust of others. It also gives the gang-stalking members a chance to flaunt their supposed power over the target, giving them a cheap ego boost that feeds their desire to continue participating in these activities. The handlers of these groups will take advantage of the person’s desire for that little bit of power, and continually draw them into further activities that they might not otherwise involve themselves in.


For the police, this works just as well with seniors and other honest and law-abiding people as it does with drug addicts and hardened criminals. We all desire to be seen as important and useful when our lives are otherwise insignificant and empty. Drawing otherwise good people into these activities begins with painting an image of the target for them that touches on their fears, as was explained earlier. From this point, these people can be asked to perform seemingly innocent and relatively harmless tasks such as keeping an eye on the target and taking notes of his or her comings and goings. As this goes on, the police make the gang-stalking member believe that the information they’re providing or the tasks they’re performing are of great help to them, and this makes the member feel important and useful, and they’re even more willing to assist in whatever way they can. As the police draw these people into performing other little tasks, they continually lead them on by making them feel that they’re making a positive difference in the community, and filling them in on supposed facts about the target that are designed to encourage the person’s continued involvement.


In this way, it’s possible for an entire neighborhood of otherwise good people to become a virtual spy zone, where everyone is surreptitiously keeping close tabs on everyone else and reporting everything to the police or another controlling party that manages them. Participants of gang-stalking groups that live close together in the same neighborhood don’t necessarily know all the other participants in the group, or they might know them slightly but not enough to develop much trust, and these situations can be used by those who control these groups to have them keep tabs on each other while working together to target a person. Certain loose friendships might develop between participants of these groups, depending on the group, but if they do they are usually not very strong or don’t last very long. Groups might undergo frequent turnover in their membership, with people being purposely circulated through a number of different groups in order to not let any strong bonds develop between participants. With most of these groups, the idea is to keep the members slightly distrustful enough of each other so that they won’t begin to discuss their group activities amongst themselves and begin to see that what they’re involved in isn’t really making anything better, and is only causing more madness and misery in their own communities. The underlying motive for these gang-stalking groups isn’t just to monitor the target and inflict continual misery on him or her, but also to monitor and control the gang-stalkers themselves by having them police each other or other groups in the same area.


Mind-control technologies may be involved in some gang-stalking activities. In some cases, they might be used on the target. In other cases, they might be used on members of a gang-stalking group. In yet other cases, they might be used on both, where mind-controlled gang-stalkers use the technology to torment the target. Mind-control is a field that offers virtually unlimited possibilities for real-world applications, and whatever might be developed needs to be tested under various scenarios, and preferably on subjects that can be easily and closely monitored, Gang-stalking groups are ideal for this. Most of the people that get caught up in mind-control programs tend to be selected from the lower end of the social spectrum, usually people with no immediate family or close friends who might notice anything unusual. This makes it easier to handle the person, and to dispose of them if necessary. For this reason, it’s likelier that mind-control technologies would be used among the lower end of society before it’s used more broadly.


It’s a common habit for people to believe rumor and hearsay, and this is often taken advantage of in gang-stalking activities. The manner in which rumors can take on a growing sense of reality between those sharing them makes it very hard, if not impossible, for them to ever believe anything otherwise. Gang-stalkers are encouraged by their handlers to believe anything that bears negatively on the target’s character, and because of this predetermined negative characterization of the target, based on rumors and hearsay instilled by the those directing the gang-stalking group, they’re not likely to have a change of mind even if they come to know the target on any personal level. The power in rumor and hearsay is that the longer and more widely it’s allowed to spread, the more likely it will be believed. Any gang-stalker, should he or she have any doubts about what’s being said about the target, will be up against both their handlers and the group, and this threatens their place within that group. Such a potential threat means both a loss of power as part of the group, and a loss of friendships (as far as these people might ever be considered friends). There is also the threat, of course, that they might themselves become a target of gang-stalking, and it’s almost a certainty that this will be subtly conveyed to each member of the group from time to time to keep them in line.


A Deeper Understanding of This Secret Network


Gang-stalking groups derive their members from many sources, including government, military, business, religious, and criminal sectors of society. Members can be drawn into a gang-stalking group at any age, and there are even people who are born into it, and come from a long line of generational members involved in a secret web of power and control that has existed for centuries. These members are usually from families with heavy military, political, or religious backgrounds, but this is not always the case. Many of these people grow up thinking that their secret activities are a normal aspect of society. These people are often brought into these activities when they are younger than most, being put to use wherever and whenever they can be. They often become involved at a higher level later on in life, either being trained as group handlers, or else used in some other capacity by the controllers.


Some gang-stalkers may not even realize that they’re involved in anything that’s evil, but what they’re involved in is deeply satanic, and those people who are members of gang-stalking groups are essentially serving an evil enterprise that is creeping through the shadows of society and slowly taking it over. These gang-stalking groups exist at the very bottom levels of a hierarchical structure of power and control that rises to the very highest levels of society. Being at the bottom of this hierarchy, their efforts aren’t necessary, but they’re very useful, and even entertaining to their handlers and controllers.


Those who actually set up gang-stalking groups and direct their day-to-day activities occupy slightly higher levels within the pyramidal structure of power and control. These are the group handlers, and are often police officers, government employees, business operators, church officials, etc. These people are in turn directed by an even higher level within the structure, which is almost exclusively generational bloodline members – those who are born into this satanic web of evil and whose ancestors have served under it for a number of generations. These are the real controllers of these groups, who always keep themselves at a safe distance from the actual groups and their gang-stalking activities.


These bloodline controllers come from families that are much more deeply involved in satanic activities, and will often be active in business, religion, politics, the military, or intelligence. At the very least, these families will have a history of involvement in politics and the military. The children of these families are raised from an early age using advanced methods of trauma-based mind-control – through satanic ritual abuse – to assure they remain subservient to the higher levels of power that they are being brought into. These people will have multiple personalities, which I talked about earlier.


The non-bloodline controllers of these groups may not be involved in any satanic ritual activities of any kind, and probably aren’t, but the bloodlines who control these groups at the highest level certainly are. Many of these gang-stalking groups are set up and controlled by people who are non-bloodline but are heavily involved in satanic activities as well. They are interested in power and control and have learned how to set up their own gang-stalking groups, which they use to punish those that cross them, or to exploit others for various purposes.


Mind-control and satanism go hand in hand, and gang-stalking groups are the perfect conduit for mind-control research and applications. Those bloodline families that are involved in satanism are also connected to the most advanced technologies, including the blackest of black projects of the military and intelligence organs, as well as secret technologies that may have been developed in the private sector. The military have been interested in mind-control technologies since at least the 1920s, and have been developing them ever since. These technologies end up in the hands of satanists because satanism is strong throughout the ranks of the military and intelligence organs. As a new mind-control technology is being developed, it needs to be tested, and this requires guinea pigs to test it on. Sometimes military personnel are used, but often ordinary citizens have become ensnared in these mind-control experiments. The level of sophistication is so good that those who are developing these technologies and targeting the public can create a mind-controlled slave that is totally unaware of being controlled, and without the need to create multiple personalities through trauma. This opens up the possibility to enslave an entire population, which is the ultimate goal, and at the stage that they are at now, they are able to totally take over an individual’s thoughts and actions and orchestrate that person like a puppet on a string whenever they wish. Gang-stalking groups are the ideal conduit for proliferating this sort of technology, and it seems to be making the method of setting up these groups in the traditional way unnecessary, and a person’s participation can be totally involuntary and unwitting, not knowing that they are being controlled and used in a gang-stalking operation.

Witting or Unwitting?


It’s not at all unlikely that many gang-stalking activities are carried out by entirely unwitting parties, people who don’t know that they’re being used and manipulated to inflict calculated acts of psychological harassment or torture on a targeted person. There are two possible methods for orchestrating gang-stalking activities through unwitting parties instead of the traditional gang-stalking groups. The first of these methods incorporates electronic mind-control technologies such as implants and directed energy weapons, while the second method makes use of people with MPD (multiple personality disorder). In the first case, the unwitting gang-stalker is electronically influenced to think and/or act a certain way, whether towards the target directly, or else in a way that indirectly affects the target, while they believe that they are acting by their own free will. In the second case, the unwitting gang-stalker is purposely triggered in some way so that a switch in personalities takes place, and the alternate personality, being the witting party, takes over and acts out against the target. Once he or she has done so, the original personality is switched back again, leaving the person completely unaware of what they have just done. In the first case, hypnosis may also be used, sending triggers that induce a hypnotic state, giving commands telling the person what to do, and then using post-hypnotic suggestion to cause the person to not remember their actions afterwards.


Both of these methods of using people for gang-stalking activities without their knowledge are probably being used extensively and increasingly at this stage of affairs. There has been more and more information coming out over the years about the extensive reality of mind-control technology, satanism, and trauma-based MPD victims (many of whom are unaware that they even have MPD). A historical review of the origins and existence of these phenomena reveal that they stem from the same source and for the same ultimate purpose of complete and total domination and control of a population. This totalitarian ideology is satanic in nature, and this is where it originates. Trauma-based MPD is a very ancient method of creating controlled ‘servants’ and has been heavily employed in satanic groups for millennia.


An example of using mind-control technologies to involve unwitting participants in gang-stalking activities follows. The scenario described is known as ‘street theatre’, where seemingly coincidental events take place in public that are intended to negatively affect a target in some way, such as to frustrate or incapacitate him or her. These street-theatre operations usually involve a number of gang-stalking participants working in tandem, and are carefully preplanned and orchestrated. It’s my own observation that many of the participants in these street theatre events don’t seem to be at all aware that they’re acting at the behest of a controlling party, and their actions seem to be completely unconscious and coincidental rather than consciously purposeful. This has led me to suspect that certain mind-control technologies are being employed at these times against ordinary citizens who are not members of gang-stalking groups, but are being mind-controlled and just happen to be at the right place at the right time.


Imagine that you’re walking down a fairly busy sidewalk on a normal day. As you walk, people seem to be continually cutting you off in your path, either suddenly crossing in front of you and forcing you to stop short, or converging around you and blocking your movement, or stepping out from behind obstacles or from around corners just as you approach, or forcing you to step around them as they suddenly take up a position immediately in front of you, blocking your path. Even as you walk down an otherwise uncrowded sidewalk, the people just ahead of you who are walking in the same direction will shift to the left or right when you attempt to pass them on that side, effectively keeping you behind them. Unless these people are somehow being cued as to when to move as they do, there’s no natural way for them to know the precise moment to do this on purpose.


Having personally experienced these situations regularly and having made careful observations over time, I’ve been able to assure myself that these acts aren’t happening to others as frequently as they happen to me. They are a form of street theatre. I’ve also been able to formulate a possible means that might have been employed for creating these situations around a target using whatever unwitting parties happen to be around the target at the time. This hypothesis is based on documented facts regarding current mind-control technologies.


To a person who is unaware of the extent of mind-control technologies and their capabilities, the very idea that people could be unwittingly used in the following manner might seem ludicrous. But the fact is that subliminal suggestions can be beamed into a person’s head, and both thoughts and physical movements can be influenced through them. The subliminal suggestions enter at a preconscious level of mental processing and are not consciously detectable, but the context of the suggestion rises up as what appears to be that person’s own thoughts. Similarly, affecting physical movements, such as slightly destabilizing a person’s balance so that they suddenly begin moving to the right or left at the appropriate time, can be caused by beaming an electromagnetic signal at that person in order to affect their motor cortex in the proper manner. This can be done via satellites or microwave towers. It is possible that computers, cell phones, and other commonly carried electronic gadgets are also equipped to pick up and amplify beamed signals.


Beamed electromagnetic signals that can affect a person in these ways are not just science fiction. Specific brain activity gives off specific brainwave signatures, and these can be recorded using similar technology to what an fMRI scanner uses. Once recorded, the same brain state can then be recreated by transmitting that recorded electromagnetic signature at a person. For lower-level brain functions, such as motor impulses, emotional states, and even preconscious thought processes, the signatures will be fairly uniform for all people. This is because these lower-level brain functions developed early on in our evolution, and are therefore more or less genetically identical from person to person. Using the latest in laser technology, coupled with the accuracy of GPS technology to pinpoint a target, even a person in a thick crowd of people can be influenced without affecting anyone else that happened to be standing nearby. Because every person also gives off their own unique electromagnetic signature, the ability to locate a specific person out of a multitude can be achieved rather easily. Once located, the person can be locked onto and then affected by beamed signals coming from either satellites or nearby cell phone transmitters. Using the person’s unique signature to verify that the target is within the beam’s trajectory, the appropriate brainwave signature is then transmitted, carrying with it the control frequencies. It’s similar to how different radio stations can broadcast at their own specific frequency that carries the transmitted signals. These signals become the sound we hear from a particular radio station on the AM or FM dial of our radio, and the signal of one station doesn’t affect the signals of other radio stations that broadcast at other frequencies. With mind-control technologies, the carrier wave for the signal (the broadcast frequency) would be a specific individual’s unique signature, and only that person can receive the signals that are transmitted at that frequency because only that person is tuned to it.


Other less advanced forms of mind-control technologies are more broad-based, and target an entire group, such as a crowd of people, or even an entire neighborhood or community. Technology such as HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) can affect an entire continent of people. These broad-based technologies are used to affect a group or population through their basic emotions, and smaller versions have been frequently used to manipulate crowds at sports events, during religious congregations, and at various types of public seminars and events. They have also been used in factories, at rock concerts, in supermarkets, and in shopping malls. They are very likely being used in television shows and movies as well. These technologies are used to induce specific emotions or influence certain behavior, either by broadcasting frequencies associated with specific emotions, or  by broadcasting subliminal verbal suggestions. This technology will influence a group of people to a certain degree, but not to the degree that is required to control individuals within that group without affecting the rest of the group. This makes these sorts of broad-based mind-control technologies not as useful for controlling gang-stalking groups, but are sometimes useful as a weapon against their targets. Frequencies that induce certain emotional responses can be broadcast at the target from a relatively small transmitter device planted around his home or workplace, which will affect the target whenever they are within its range, or the device can broadcast to the people around the target, such as neighbors or co-workers, to influence them to act in ways that will affect the target.


Either of the types of mind-control technologies that I have described, whether a broadcast signal that affects everyone in its range, or a directed beam that only affects a single individual, can be remotely controlled automatically through computers, and databases of signature frequencies can be compiled on the members of an entire population, so that with high speed computer processing capabilities such as used with ECHELON, large numbers of people in a given area can be tracked and controlled simultaneously and automatically, making street-theatre situations possible without having to use organized gang-stalking groups. Instead, with a database containing the frequency signatures of every person in a given population, every person can be controlled individually and simultaneously, and manipulated like puppets. As the current technology expands in its capabilities and the numbers of people who are able to be simultaneously controlled increases through hardware expansion, it will begin to be applied that much more, and gang-stalking groups will become obsolete as policing the population becomes totally electronic and computer automated.


These technologies are real, as are the capabilities I describe. A person can therefore be unwittingly used as a participant in gang-stalking activities. This sort of use of unwitting people as players in these activities will become more common as time goes on and new applications and methodologies are designed and implemented.


The question naturally arises at this point as to why this technology is not just used on the gang-stalking targets directly, and eliminate the need for a gang-stalking group to harass the person. The simple answer is that it sometimes is. However, it seems that the desire of the controlling parties is to establish a fascist society in which they have complete control of the population, and since this is not going to be achieved openly and with people willingly giving up their rights and freedoms, it is necessary to entrap the public within such a system by portraying the rest of society as a threat, and involving them in threatening activities against the rest of the population without them realizing that they are being manipulated against their will and acting against their own morals and beliefs. To do this, it is necessary to change people’s perceptions so that the desired responses from them become completely voluntary and acceptable. The very conditions that are set up turn a perceived evil into a reality, and perpetuate a growing fear. Furthermore, the intimidation factor involved in all this is important to the controller’s desired system, and the gang-stalking activities provide a means to intimidate not just the target, but the participants as well. Gang-stalking groups and the way they operate facilitate these ends in a number of ways. The mind-control technologies are added into the mix out of convenience, since these groups give the controllers a means to test and experiment with them. Since this technology is so secret, however, those who operate it must be trusted parties who follow orders precisely and are properly trained in their use. This takes time and effort, and in many cases, the gang-stalking participants just don’t qualify. But they often qualify for being a guinea pig in mind-control experiments, so these technologies are very likely being incorporated into these groups and their activities to a certain degree. At some point, these groups will be given the ability to use the technology on their targets, but it seems unlikely that the technology will be placed directly into the hands of ordinary citizens anytime soon. At best, they may be given very limited access to it. Only those who are already completely mind-controlled themselves and are therefore completely controllable might be given full access to mind-control technology.


It must also be taken into consideration that the purpose of these gang-stalking activities is not just to unnerve the target and make them look foolish or even crazy in public, or to frustrate or intimidate them, or to punish them for some perceived misdeed. The deeper purpose is to coerce them into conforming, to force them to silently accept what is going on, and to break their will and draw them into taking part in this system of control. By causing many of those around a target to consciously or unconsciously act (through mind-control technologies) in ways that seem natural other than the fact that for the target they’re occurring so often or for no apparent reason, the target will more likely be provoked to lash out in frustration as the situation escalates through increased occurrences. Anyone around the target will be clueless as to what the target is experiencing, and the target will appear to be delusional should he or she mention anything to anybody. The sense of isolation that often results, due to a lack of anywhere to turn for help, is meant to break down the target and force his or her silent submission. With the advancement of mind-control technologies, this can be achieved without the need for witting participants of gang-stalking groups to engage in their activities, and instead, unwitting parties can be used to fulfill certain small actions within a larger orchestration of street theatre, or in other forms of harassment.


If trauma-based mind-control is also being heavily used to create alternate personalities, then depending on how prevalent this is, we might be dealing with a large number of people who are multiples and unknowingly involved in this sinister web of control. A whole underground society might exist that’s filled with such people without them even being aware of their involvement. The fact that the induced trauma that creates an alternate personality is never remembered by the original personality makes it impossible for a mind-controlled multiple to know that they went through a procedure to split their mind, and that they are being controlled. A person only needs to be alone with the mind manipulators long enough for them to establish an alternate personality and program it with basic control mechanisms, and this might only take a few hours with advanced equipment and techniques. Recruits for this sort of mind-control could easily be picked from hospital wards, prison populations, mental institutions, and military personnel. A person who goes into a hospital for some relatively minor operation might get the wrong doctor, who only needs to be isolated with the patient for a couple of hours while he applies electroshock treatment to induce a split personality before adding hypnotic triggers that can be used to later access the alternate personality. Such a trigger might be an electronic signal that can be beamed or broadcast. This would allow an entire group to be triggered simultaneously with a single trigger, or separately with different triggers. Even without creating an alternate personality, hypnosis can be used on its own to instill post-hypnotic suggestions, but by creating an alternate personality, the controller has deeper and more permanent control, and what they have done is less likely to ever be discovered.

Fighting Back


If a target becomes aware of the gang-stalking activities directed at them, which they undoubtedly will sooner or later, they’ll normally react in a predictable way. This is the desire of the perpetrators, who seek to cause relentless stress and discomfort to the target, in the hopes of breaking them mentally and emotionally.


The psychology behind gang-stalking activities is to push the target to give in to the activities and accept being a victim to them, so it’s very important that the target doesn’t allow the intended effect to occur, and instead turn the situation more to their own control or advantage. The most important thing is for the target to not react to these activities as they would normally feel compelled to do. In fact, in most situations they should not react at all. Instead, targets should just pretend that they are totally oblivious to these events and continue whatever they were doing just as they were doing it without showing any signs of awareness of what is really going on. The target needs to remember that they are more than likely being watched and even listened to no matter where they might be, particularly within their own home, but potentially anywhere, and their reactions to the gang-stalker’s activities will be closely scrutinized. For instance, scowling or cursing under the breath whenever a neighboring gang-stalker makes sudden loud and disturbing noises throughout an otherwise peaceful evening would reveal a response that the gang-stalkers were seeking. They can be watching and listening to the target very closely for any sort of predictable response, and will focus on doing things that appear to aggravate the target the most. The best thing for a person to do if they think they’re being gang-stalked is to get used to being constantly watched and listened to at every moment early on, and learn to not let it get to them. The only way to overcome these situations is to face them head on. Once that’s done, the person will be able to think more clearly and can begin to develop a plan to fight back.


It should be noted here that all surveillance, both audio and video, will be recorded. This means that everything the target says and does can be scrutinized very closely later on for any minute signs of response to gang-stalking activities, so any telltale mannerisms that a target might reveal will likely be spotted. Even a slightly raised eyebrow or body twitch can give away a target’s attempt to hide the effect that gang-stalking activities might be having on them as they occur. If the gang-stalkers can be completely ignored even after various different tactics have been attempted to frustrate the target, they’ll definitely notice and might even become frustrated themselves. This would be a definite win for the target.


What is the end goal of these activities? Why do these groups target people for no apparent reason? The gang-stalking activities are designed to appear coincidental or to otherwise seem so odd that telling anyone about them will only make the target seem delusional. They are usually designed to cause the target to break down mentally, at which point they might even be converted into a gang-stalking member themselves. The ultimate purpose of gang-stalking is to create a self-policing society of easily controllable citizens, where all rights have essentially been taken away from the individual, and special privileges are earned through acts of loyalty to the fascist government that currently lurks in the shadows of our society. It’s an inexpensive but very effective method that worked well in East Germany with the Stasi, in Stalinist Russia with the KGB, and in Nazi Germany with the Gestapo.


Fighting back might seem impossible when you consider the extent that this problem has crept through society, and the apparent inescapability from these groups and their controllers, given the range of technologies the controlling parties have at their disposal. However, it is possible to subvert some of the gang-stalking activity to some degree. Every target’s situation is different, but there are certain things that are fairly common to all targets, and there are ways to counter them.


Some methods for fighting back are:


Install hidden video cameras in and around your home, preferably with motion-sensor triggers and the ability to time-stamp the footage. The idea is not so much to compile evidence that can be taken to the police, since the police are likely in the know and won’t respond very favorably to such reports. The video cameras are to be used to begin your own counter-offensive, and to do so, you’ll need to collect information on who your gang-stalkers are, how they act during these events (do they appear unconcerned about being in your home while you are away, or do they seem nervous and in a hurry?), what times of day or night they usually act, what they commonly do during their acts, etc. One note of caution: the gang-stalkers will be able to defeat this security measure with a universal remote control unit, so it’s advisable to cover the remote signal receptor on your VHS machine with tape.


Change your normal routines often, preferably to disrupt the ability for the gang-stalkers to predict your actions. Sacrifices will essentially have to be made, and this may include quitting your job for a while, sleeping at odd hours, taking round-about routes to wherever you are going rather than the usual and more direct routes you normally take, getting a second residence somewhere, etc. Anything that you notice in your actions that might be tipping off the gang-stalkers to predictable patterns on your part should be altered to throw them off as much as possible. By doing this, you’ll not likely rid yourself of them, but you’ll make their job of keeping tabs on you that much harder. These people are not being paid much, if anything, so they might soon tire of putting more and more effort into their acts when there is less and less enjoyment for them in doing them. However, some of them will take any counter-tactics as a challenge and will increase their efforts.


Change the locks on your doors regularly, and don’t leave any spare keys laying around anywhere. This probably won’t stop them from getting into your home for long, but it will slow them down and inconvenience them.


Give false leads to misdirect the efforts of the gang-stalkers, such as telling someone on the phone that you’ll be going to a particular place at a certain time, when in reality you’ll be going somewhere entirely different, or just staying home. This will cause them to prepare to be at the false location, and will scatter their efforts to stalk you.


Carry a camera, and take pictures of anyone and anything that you come across that seems suspicious and might be associated with any gang-stalking activity directed at you. Openly taking photos of anyone around you that seems suspicious might actually cause them to tip you off as to their involvement, since they may become uncomfortable when they realize that you’re fighting back. If you think that someone is entering your home while you’re out because you continually find your possessions have been tampered with, then taking close-up pictures of certain items and their precise positioning for later comparison when you come home will let you know if you are imagining things or not.


Purchase an electromagnetic frequency (EMF) detector, and regularly scan your residence for hidden cameras, microphones, and other electronic technologies that might be being used against you. Be aware that your computer, cell phone, and other electronic equipment in your home or workplace might be doubling as surveillance devices, so they should all be shut off completely and then scanned for any persisting energy fields that could indicate surveillance devices have been inserted in them. It should be noted also that the government has access to frequency ranges that lie outside of the detectable ranges of most EMF detectors, so these devices may be of no use.

Satanic Undertones


Although little realized and often denied, there is a very well established satanic underground that permeates society worldwide. It originates with the ultra-elite family bloodlines that have ruled Europe and America for centuries, but extends deep into the thick of today’s society. Because induced MPD is very likely a requisite for full participation in the deeper satanic activities, and is used to keep those activities secret even from the participants themselves, it’s very difficult to be sure what percentage of the population has been drawn into this satanic underground without their even knowing it.


In considering this in relation to the issues of gang-stalking and mind-control, it becomes fairly obvious that these two phenomena stem from satanic circles. By that, I mean that they originate from the military and intelligence organs, which is filled with people with very satanic leanings, from the top down. Mind-control technology is satanic in its very conception, and the trail of evidence of government involvement in this field of research and development shows that it is tied to the same generational families that have been heavily involved in satanism for a very long time. Gang-stalking is the reworking of an already established and well-used method of controlling a population by having the people police each other in a very repressive manner, as was used by the Stasi secret police in East Germany, the Gestapo, and the Russian KGB.


Adolph Hitler had been deeply enmeshed in the occult, and the entire Nazi party was centered around satanic beliefs and practices. As was stated earlier, certain elite American families were working hand-in-hand with the Nazis before and during the war, and with their help, thousands of Hitler’s top scientists and engineers were funneled into the USA after the war through Operation Paperclip, to be given new identities and serve in government positions. They brought with them many of their ideas for controlling populations, which included a great deal of knowledge that became the basis for American mind-control programs and citizen policing groups.


The satanic leanings of these Nazis did not die when they were brought to American soil, but were instead allowed to take new root and slowly creep throughout the government, becoming well established, particularly within the military and intelligence organs. Because of the secrecy allowed within these and other government organs, based on the excuse of national security, this was not difficult to accomplish and keep hidden from awareness. Since the time that these Nazis were brought into the American government, those who were closely associated with them in the beginning have continued to operate within the same circles and have continued to establish greater means of control in government while whittling away the people’s rights and freedoms in more and more draconian ways that leave us all at their greater mercy. The original basis of a free democratic society has been usurped and is now merely an illusion that covers the true fascist totalitarian dictatorship that is upon us today. Mind-control and gang-stalking are but two means to this end, providing the ability to turn the thoughts and actions of an involuntary public towards the desires of those who are in the process of establishing their absolute control over the rest of humanity.


Turning the Tables


Everybody is a creature of habit. This means that those people who are targeting people through gang-stalking and mind-control techniques and technologies, while being reliant on the target’s habitual responses to stimuli, are also equally prone to responding to things out of habit. To put this another way, they are prone to following patterned actions, and this is just as much a weakness in them as it is in a target or anyone else. The benefit in understanding this is that a target who is aware of the gang-stalking or mind-control that they’re being subjected to can use this to fight back.


Patterns are the key. Habits and routines are patterns, and a gang-stalker or mind-controller is reliant on knowing a target’s habits and routines in order to establish a ground-base of controllable situations in regards to that particular target. Unless a target is being constantly and unceasingly controlled in their very thoughts and actions through some sort of technological means, they have the opportunity to learn about the perpetrator's own habits and routines and find a way to use them to fight back. To learn the perpetrator’s habits and routines, the target needs to watch for patterns in the perpetrator’s methods of operation.


Once a target has clearly established some of the patterns of their antagonists, they can begin to turn the control around. It probably won’t be enough to liberate the target completely, but it will allow them to learn some things about their assailants and the extent of their abilities, which will give the target the ability to forestall some of the methods being used and throw off their assailants to some extent. This effectively gives the target certain power over their antagonists, and in realizing this, the target has an opportunity to stop playing into their hands, to compose themselves mentally and emotionally, and to begin approaching their situation with the cunning determination to defeat the efforts of their assailants.


In order to do this, a target needs to pay attention to their own patterns, and recognize their assailant’s own patterned responses to them. For instance, if the target realizes that every time that they have their routine morning shower the telephone will ring, causing them to habitually jump out of the shower and answer the phone just to hear a dial tone, then they have discovered a pattern. Once this is realized, they are then in a position to disrupt their assailant’s little game, and to turn it around. There are a number of things that might be done to achieve this. First, the target could choose to simply ignore the telephone at that time and remain in the shower. Second, the target could break his or her usual routine and continually change the time of day that they have their shower, and see if the calls still occur while showering. Third, if the target has the psychological strength to withstand the possible repercussions, they could set up an answering machine that will give a taunting message to their assailants that will hopefully drive them to anger, in the hopes that this will cause them to make a mistake. Other possibilities exist besides these, and every situation is different for every target, so a little consideration of what the assailant’s main objective might be will offer some ideas as to how to disrupt their activities.


In the above scenario, the assailants will be informing the target through their own responses that they are watching or at least listening to the target, and this means that they’re probably using ordinary surveillance equipment: cameras and microphones. In more sophisticated operations, they may be using advanced technologies, such as through-the-wall surveillance. The only other possibility is that they are remote-viewing the target, which requires an individual to spend some time and effort psychically focusing on the target each time this occurs, which is not very likely but still quite possible.


Let’s assume that the controllers are using ordinary surveillance technologies to watch and listen in on the target. In this case, there’s a very likely chance that these technologies can be located and removed. Purchasing an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector will give the target the ability to sweep their home and other locations (including themselves) to find any electronic devices that are transmitting a signal. Any devices that are found should be removed and either destroyed or handed over to a trustworthy third party for safekeeping. A lawyer would be such a person.


Here’s another possible scenario in which the target can turn it around and begin to control the actions of the assailants. Suppose that the target knows that someone is stationed in the suite above their own, and that whoever it is, is involved in monitoring the target at particular times of the day or night. The target can begin to play cat-and-mouse with the monitor, finding pretexts for knocking on the door to the suite, and causing general disruption to the monitor’s activities, at the same time leaving a clear message of their knowledge of the monitor’s presence and activities. Since these people are sometimes interested in getting involved in the life of the target at as personal a level as possible, the target might even tempt the upstairs monitor into a false friendship, just for the sake of getting useful information on them, which can then be used against them and their accomplices. All is fair in love and war, after all, and the target should not feel that it’s wrong to do to these people what they are doing to the target. As long as these fascist assholes are willing to trample our fundamental rights and act out immoral and unethical practices, a person has the necessary right to fight back with equivalent means and force.


An important question that a target needs to ask themselves and find an answer to is whether a particular person who is involved with a gang-stalking group is involved knowingly or unknowingly. Knowing this will help the target to begin to understand the circumstances of their own situation much better, and this will allow them to deal with it in the best manner possible. It wouldn’t be good to begin doing to an assailant what is being done to the target if the assailant isn’t even aware of their participation in a gang-stalking operation and is being unwittingly manipulated themselves through mind-control. So it’s very important to establish the level of conscious participation that a particular assailant is involved in a target’s abuse.


It should also be understood that whoever is behind the mind-control and gang-stalking operations, they usually rely on the efforts of people to do the monitoring of targets and operate the technologies being used against them. They seem to be employing otherwise ordinary people for many of the tasks required in their operations, and ordinary people are not usually very well trained in covert tactics and the use of psychology. In fact, many of the people being used in these operations are probably not very intelligent at all, and are very gullible and easily intimidated, which is how they often get caught up in these activities in the first place. This is to the target’s advantage, since this gullibility and timidity can be played on by the target, causing problems that will make these people slip up. With enough effort, a target might cause continual problems for their gang-stalkers, and force them to work harder, or to even back off.


A target must acquire a very thick skin if they are to begin fighting back. Unless the assailants are using advanced mind-control technologies, such as directed-energy weapons that affect the target’s body and mind, it might be safe to make a game of the situation, and be willing to up the ante to a point where the people directly acting against the target (such as low-level monitors or ‘street-theatre’ participants) become uncomfortable with what they’re doing. The assailants will look for anything that upsets their target, so the target should pretend very realistically and over the long term that certain things that their assailants are instigating are far more (or far less) upsetting to the target than they really are. The target will know that they’re succeeding when these sort of events begin to occur more and more often or more intensely. This will draw some of the perpetrators further out of the shadows and become more daring if they think that they’re actually succeeding (or not succeeding) in upsetting the target. This also gives the target the ability to test their own suspicions about whether they’re really being targeted or not.


Showing no fear seems to agitate the assailants, and challenging low-level lackeys can easily cause them problems, confusing them in their efforts. Of course, it’s not a good idea to challenge them directly, face-to-face, but if for instance the target knows that there are hidden microphones in their home or workplace, they might take the opportunity to send their low-level monitors vocal messages that will agitate them or lead them on and make them want to react, but in so doing they will reveal their involvement. A target who is keenly aware of the signals that people give off when they are thinking one thing and pretending another will be able to discern if their counter-tactics are effective or not when they see them face-to-face, and if they are, the target is in a position to push the envelope further, in whatever way they can come up with to rock the boat harder and harder. As I said, these people are only human, and will react as humans tend to do when they’re provoked to anger.


Doing the unexpected can also throw them off. Suddenly doing things outside of normal habit or routine will upset the assailant’s efforts if they rely on these routines in their methods of targeting a person. For instance, if the target usually leaves for work every morning at the same time, and is gone all day, then it might be worthwhile to see what happens if they come back ten minutes after having left. It’s important to follow instinct and do whatever can be done to shake up the efforts of the gang-stalkers.


Something that has been pointed out by another gang-stalking target is that because these gang-stalkers are hired by people who do not want themselves or these activities to be publicly exposed, the gang-stalkers they hire are in many cases required to sign non-disclosure agreements when they are first recruited, and this means that they will probably avoid discussing the subject of gang-stalking at all. This gives the target an advantage, at least if the target knows who any of their assailants are and can engage them in friendly conversation. If this is possible, then the target can better determine if a particular person is wittingly involved in these activities. By approaching the suspected gang-stalker in a friendly manner and bringing up the subject in some way, the target should be able to gauge whether the suspect might actually be involved or not. A suspected gang-stalker who doesn’t attempt to avoid any discussion of the subject may not be involved, but a suspect who avoids any discussion is very possibly involved and is worried about breaking their contract with their handlers. If this is the case, this person can be counter-targeted by the target through pressure until the person either begins to slip and say things they aren’t supposed to, is pulled out of the ‘game’ by their handlers, or quits under pressure. If nothing else, doing this or anything else to let your gang-stalkers know that you are very aware and remaining level-headed and unflustered about what they are doing may cause them to back off, at least until they can figure out better tactics than they had been using. This, of course, may just draw more intense activities from them in the end, but if you have the strength and intelligence to face it, and continue to fight back, you may eventually learn enough about these people to discover who is responsible for having them target you and expose them and their involvement publicly. They don’t want this at all.


Targets of mind-control techniques and technologies need to understand that although this is a problem of potentially global magnitude, and that anyone at all might be targeted, it’s nonetheless an invisible crime and apart from the targets themselves, most of the population is divided between those who are completely unaware of it going on, and those who do but because they are wittingly involved or are afraid of being targeted themselves they pretend it doesn’t exist. For this reason, it will do little to help the targeted person by telling others about the abuse early on, before substantial evidence can be gathered, if that’s even possible.


It must be understood what could easily happen if these gang-stalking and mind-control crimes were to be known about and accepted as a reality by the public at large without providing any evidence of the fact. If this were the case, anyone who was troubled with their thoughts, who had a problem with their tyrannical neighbor, or whatever other problem they might have, might be tempted to lay the blame on a false cause. This would not help those whose problems are not caused by mind-control techniques and technologies, and by extension, it would only hurt the people further who are really being targeted.


This has been part of the plan. It covers up the real problem and lets it grow and take root while those who are victims of it tend to support the illusion of a society with a growing number of delusional characters who pose an increasing threat to our peace and security, and for this reason more draconian steps are seen to be necessary and willingly accepted by the ignorant masses.

unspeakable truth

A Creeping Evil

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