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Senta Adriano 1938

Andy lewis



Vaccine Legal Case (Iraq Veterans) - Click on Link to download

I require local/regional volunteers to assist in the MMR case, contact via facebook...

From 1996-97 I was a national committee member of an Iraq War Veterans organisation where as part of my duties I assisted in commencing High Court legal proceedings against the MoD for over 10,000 Iraq Veterans. The legal action was dropped in 2004 after the legal aid board refused to continue to fund the case by providing legal aid.


In 2012, I started a new High Court case by recruiting one of the the best solicitors in the country who at the time who had an excellent record against the MoD.



In 2020, I will be commencing new High Court legal challenges for several different organisations.


Click on below link for the 29 page legal advice for the Iraq Veterans High Court Challenge.




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