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In 1998, extrajudicial executions were carried out in 47 countries, 'disappearances' occurred in 37 countries, torture occurred in 125 countries, prisoners of conscience were held in 78 countries, unfair trials for political prisoners occurred in 35 countries, detentions without charge or trial occurred in 66 countries, executions were carried out in 36 countries, and human rights abuses were committed by armed opposition groups in 37 countries.


These figures have risen alarmingly since 1998.

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Age 18- 1990 Saudi Arabia
Age 27- 1940 UK

Andy lewis


Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded.




Edward Snowden

In 1996 I was categorised by the Establishment as being an "Enemy of the State" for exposing the mass experimental vaccine program on British troops prior to the Gulf War in 1991 that killed thousands of UK Iraq Veterans and left over 10,000 suffering from a wide range of auto immune diseases.

My Story

Andy Lewis




snowden files

This page will provide the details of the evidence I will giving to the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing Operations sometime after 2020 as the inquiry has been delayed by 6 years as a result of underhand police tactics since 2014.



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