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Police Psychics

This section will cover how Targets can be psychically monitored 24/7 with the aim of continuously analysing the target and what they are planning to do;

For example if a target is planning on exposing a police forces continuous harassment and the target is not discussing their goals and what they intend to do with any person, a psychic will monitor their thoughts with their aim of countrering their plans using the same methods as if the police were monitoring the target with audio bugging equipment.


Psyhological and Psychic Operations


If a target is planning to make arrangements to see a group of legal professionals to discuss their case, but they have not told anyone, the pscyhics will develop a strategy with the police psychological oerations team and may attempt to prevent that meeting from taking place.

Pepole who are in or around the Targets life who have previously been recruited by the police in order to be involved in a wide ranging  network of individuals for psychological harassment purposes will be requested to approach the target with a pre-rehearsed script given to them by the Police psyops team which may involve suggestions that the team of lawyers are actually secretly working for the police, and other such scripts or actions to attempt to manipulate the Target to canel the meeting.


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Emotional Manipulation of the Target

One of the main ojectives of police psychic and psychological teams is to create an emotional state of continuous stress, anxiety and powerlessness in order that the Target becomes completely disempowered.


This may involve  gang stalking, geographic location stalking, directed conversations, street theathre and many other tactics although the aim is the same, to disempower the Target emotionally. Making a Target ANGRY will only invigorate the Target to take action. It is therefore imperative that the tactics that are used against the Target involve psychological actions such as gaslighting, and paranoia inducing harassment techniques which will make the Target feel disempowered.

Psychological Takedown - Methods and Tactics