Andy lewis

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During the last two decades the UK has been veering towards to a Soviet Model of authoritarian control over its population. In 2020, the Covid-19 plandemic enabled the Tory Government which cheated its way to a landslide election in December 2019 which was rigged by MI5 the means in which to implement a Communist Model of Occupation

as part of the Transnational Anglo-Zio Matrix of Control.


Andy Lewis



In 2015 as a result of excessive and intrusive surveillance, intimidation and sophisticated psychological warfare techniques being deployed against me the local member of parliament James Davies wrote to Lord Justice Pitchford the Chairman of the Public Inquiry requesting details



Witness Protection

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This website has been developed in order to provide an account of the experiences of undercover policing operations Andy Lewis and other Veterans experienced for legimately campaigning for ex-British Soldiers human rights.


Andy Lewis has previously instructed Members of Parliament Chris Ruane MP, and Dr James Davies to contact the Home Secretary in order that he can give evidence at the Public Inquiry on undercover police operations of which he has experienced severe and excessive monitoring, surveillance, harassment and intimidation with the aim of inflicting irreparable physical and psychological damage.  


In 1998, extrajudicial executions were carried out in 47 countries, 'disappearances' occurred in 37 countries, torture occurred in 125 countries, prisoners of conscience were held in 78 countries, unfair trials for political prisoners occurred in 35 countries, detentions without charge or trial occurred in 66 countries, executions were carried out in 36 countries, and human rights abuses were committed by armed opposition groups in 37 countries.

james davies witness protection

of what protection could be provided

as a result of increased intimidation I was experiencing, that is still

continuing to this present day. (25th October 2017).